Quick update of animals.

So I got my bulb in the mail finally this past weekend, few days ago, and its working awesomely. The bulb is the 160W Powersun mercury bulb which puts out heat as well as UV, but I am using my UV tube still in my cool zone. The only hold back was I had to run by Petsmart to get a larger dome fixture because the bulb is gigantic in my old fixture. But other than that, Yoshi’s color is looking good I can see where people are saying that it intensifies the color. He is perking up some, still lazy though. The top basking spot is 114 degrees, which is awesome.


Taco is doing good as usual, still hand feeding her baby crickets as treats 2x a week. I’m going to weigh her in a short time to see if shes come up from her previous 5 or 6 grams I forget, lol.

My dad gave me his video cam so I can finally video tape in really good quality my critters so I can post them on my Youtube :).

Hello school.

So Monday I started my 5 week mini summer courses for college algebra and philosophy, and I’m already burnt out LOL.


I just changed my layout theme thing and too lazy to remake the side information so I’ll do that tomorrow afternoon.

Quick update:

1) Taco ate 6 small/pinhead crickets last night for me. I hand fed her all of them, I’m going to end up spoiling her I’m pathetic :). Yoshi had his usual 30 large and 10 waxworms. I got him the Repti-something brand pellets, he likes them so far. At least the red colored ones, le sigh.

2) I ordered the 160W Power Sun UV mercury bulb for Yoshi, pretty excited to get that in soon. My job has the 100W Power Sun, but its $80 and I paid $40 something on Amazon for it.

3)I’m considering getting dubia roaches for Yoshi, not too sure as I have a typical phobia of them. But, they are smaller than the normal roaches and are slow movers so easier to catch. They’re just expensive.

4) I’m selling my brand new scale, see FB page for more details. http://www.facebook.com/KimsReptiles



Sorry I have been MIA & updates :3

So, I totally have been lazy again on updating so I finally am.

Not much has happened in my neck of the woods. Work-eat-sleep-work-eat-sleep. But, today is my day off from work and my dad came home from Iraq :).

Monday night I gave Taco her first crickets fed by me. It was funnnnn so cute! She hunted down 3 in her Kritter Keeper and I hand fed her the last one, I suppose she got kind of lazy. I was going to upload it from my Blackberry, but apparently my computer only wants to charge it not let me get my vids.

Creating my Crested Gecko care page!

Stay tuned for a fully informative off my own knowledge and awesome forum friends at http://www.pangeareptile.com!

Some random pictures of baby “Taco”

I think I’m going to name her “Taco,” so in case she is a he I will have a unisex name :D. It was that or Chili.

So anyways, here is some pictures of us! Excuse myself, I look like a creeper in them.


Not sure what was going on.

Shes licking her eyeball while I creepingly smile.

Gah! Ninja kicked in the eye! Squinting persists, make up smears, Taco wins!

Now she sticks to my hair. That was not fun taking her off!

Trying out Taco’s soon-to-be new gecko crib. It is kind of gigantic for her.

Want to see more live updates and pictures of Yoshi and Taco, visit our offical FB page and “like” us!


Hump day – wednesday!

So I would have posted more care information over more species, but I unfortunately had to work – LOL.

Later on tonight once I’m done cleaning I’ll post some care pages and blog about the new addition some more.

She has been soo great so far, a jumping bean none the less. More pics are to come? YUS!!

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And here she is!

My new female pinner crested gecko came in at 9:45 AM and I’m verrrry excited. Right now I’m just letting her chill in her Kritter Keeper for a week or two.

Good night, sleep tight :)

To which my beardie is completely doing the opposite and sprawling across his driftwood.

I’m hitting the hay. Waking up fairly early to make sure I don’t miss the door for the crested gecko arrival. I’d be highly pissed off if I did.

Will post pictures 🙂

Like me on Facebook!!

I created a Facebook page for the website so everyone can follow me on one of the best social networks – well… Best to me :). “Like” the page and begin posting on my wall and posting pictures of you and your reptiles!

New family member-crested gecko.

So sometime tomorrow I should be having a new crested gecko at my door. I’m. Super. Excited. I’ve never owned one before and after a good handful of researching and supportive forum friends, I finally ordered my little one Friday. There will be a good amount of photos to come when it finally arrives.

This is so far my all supplies check list:

12x12x18 glass vivarium
Vines and climbing decor
Ledge feeder/water magnetic holder
Foliage- Pothos & African Violet, and some fake plants
Digital thermometer and some gauges
Repashy CGD
Extra shallow bowls for ledge
Kritter Keeper – Medium sized
1/2 log hide

Anything else I need? Hmmm.

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