Some random pictures of baby “Taco”

I think I’m going to name her “Taco,” so in case she is a he I will have a unisex name :D. It was that or Chili.

So anyways, here is some pictures of us! Excuse myself, I look like a creeper in them.


Not sure what was going on.

Shes licking her eyeball while I creepingly smile.

Gah! Ninja kicked in the eye! Squinting persists, make up smears, Taco wins!

Now she sticks to my hair. That was not fun taking her off!

Trying out Taco’s soon-to-be new gecko crib. It is kind of gigantic for her.

Want to see more live updates and pictures of Yoshi and Taco, visit our offical FB page and “like” us!!/pages/Kims-Reptiles/131482656926798


About KimsReptiles

I'm 21 and being awesome in Texas. I'm a huge herp fan - reptiles not the STD. I'm in college and trying to not take life too seriously before its serious. I have a man who amazes me everyday and puts up with my nonsense.

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