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My oh so adorable, chunk monkey bearded dragon, Yoshi. I got him July 2006.

Quick update of animals.

So I got my bulb in the mail finally this past weekend, few days ago, and its working awesomely. The bulb is the 160W Powersun mercury bulb which puts out heat as well as UV, but I am using my UV tube still in my cool zone. The only hold back was I had to run by Petsmart to get a larger dome fixture because the bulb is gigantic in my old fixture. But other than that, Yoshi’s color is looking good I can see where people are saying that it intensifies the color. He is perking up some, still lazy though. The top basking spot is 114 degrees, which is awesome.


Taco is doing good as usual, still hand feeding her baby crickets as treats 2x a week. I’m going to weigh her in a short time to see if shes come up from her previous 5 or 6 grams I forget, lol.

My dad gave me his video cam so I can finally video tape in really good quality my critters so I can post them on my Youtube :).

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