General reptile care tab

I made a tab up top of general care to getting started. This is NOT a 100% informative guide to specific species. It’s a *general* care with the options of what is out there.

I’m open to hearing opinions!


Lets talk reptiles.

A lot of people ask me on forums, at my job, or anywhere that I have my beardie how exactly I care for him or any reptile at all. The simple fact is: I cannot 500% explain to you how to care for it without some basic research. I always stress the idea of researching before asking. Not to say I don’t mind running my mouth with information vomiting out 75 MPH about the cuties, but it helps when the person has *some* idea of where I’m coming from.

There is many great forums you can begin at, and I greatly suggest you join some kind of community for the reptile you want or have. For instance, I’m on for my beardie and for my Crested Gecko. I would suggest introducing yourself and not seem like a douche just dropping in without a kind first impression. I’ve had my share of doing that and learned you can’t make good forum buddies when you got the stick in your ass.

That being said, now you can begin your learning experience.

My VERY first post!

So this is my very first blog post, obviously and I’m excited to finally be able to blog about reptiles, myself, venting, etc etc. I’m still trying to set up my widgets – almost typed midgets :O- and get this page looking how I want.

Once I figure all this out I’ll write my first ACTUAL update on life blog =D.

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